The village and town of Haverstraw is located in Rockland County, New York. Haverstraw Village is snuggled along the shoreline of Haverstraw Bay which is the widest point of the Hudson River.

Originally claimed by the Dutch in the early 1600’s, this small community has grown to well over ten thousand permanent residents. Haverstraw, NY has successfully merged a world of modern multiculturalism with ancestral splendour and historical relevance. This can be seen in the old world architecture that is showcased among the towns many buildings, such as the Haverstraw US Post Office or the Haverstraw King’s Daughters Village Library.

But there is so much more that enriches this town than just gracefully preserved and restored dwellings and structures. The residents of this charming hamlet take great pride in celebrating not only the history of the town, but also the history of all those who have and do reside there.

Once known as the brick-making capital of the world, Haverstraw has other interesting claims to fame. The celebrated artist, Edward Hopper used a home from Haverstraw as the subject for his painting, The House by the Railroad. This very same painting was the creative insight that resulted in a eerily similar house becoming the home of Norman Bates and his mother in the famous Psycho movie that was filmed in 1960.

The community of Haverstraw also proudly hosts international festivals from May through to September each year. In May, the Italian Day Festival celebrates the warm laughter of Italian-Americans. In June, residents feast on Peurto Rican soul food while dancing to salsa music during the Peurto Rica Day Festival. July is of-course reserved for celebrations on the fourth, in honour of Independence Day, while August is for Dominican-Americans to embrace their traditional culture. September closes the summer festivities with a Multi-Culture Festival that allows visitors and residents to display and rejoice in their heritage.

For Haverstraw, NY, community pride is more than just buildings and homes, it’s about caring and embracing residents and making neighbourhood the buzz word.

With the average commute being only about 25 minutes, this close knit community is near to the business district as well as hospitals, shopping centres and major urbanization, making it the ideal location for a home away from the city. Solid homes with solid values appeal to the investor as well as those who wish to make Haverstraw, NY a place to call home.

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